"Steel Town Showdown"
PA Legend Fastpitch
PA Lady Canes
PA Steel City Cyclones
PA Pittsburgh Power (Ferree)
PA Team Pennsylvania (Kowalski)
VA Glory (Levin)
OH Steubenville Select
PA Firecrackers PA (Atkins)
PA Passion Softball MJ
PA Passion Softball 06
PA Passion Softball 07
PA River City Venom (Lehman)
PA ICE 12u
PA Harrison City Heat (Red)
PA River City Venom (Henne)
PA Steel City Heat
PA Pittsburgh Riot (Hilligsberg)
PA ICE 11u
PA Devil Dogs
PA Nitro Fastpitch
PA Steel City Cyclones 06
PA Pittsburgh Predators (Lang)
PA Passion Softball (North)
PA Vipers East (Burd)
PA Armstrong Elite (Baker)
PA Vipers East (Kronenwetter)
PA Pittsburgh Predators (Moran)
PA Harrison City Heat (Yamrick)
PA Keystone Kombat (Lewis)
PA Harrison City Heat 13u
PA Chaos Futures
PA Steel City Heat (Morris)
PA ROC Elite (Pfaff)
PA Athletes Impact Gators
We need at least 6 teams in each age classification to
separate the classes otherwise we will combined the classes.
We will also combine age groups if we do not have enough in
an age group when possible.