USSSA of Western PA
Guest Player Form


1. Teams may pickup guest players only if they are going to be short players for that
tournament. We will check the number of players at the tournament. We will also monitor how
many times you use guest players. Over use of this rule will not be allowed to be excepted.

2. Players must be added to online roster and removed the Monday after tournament.

3. Guest players must be age eligible.

4. Guest players cannot play on two teams in same tournament.

5. Form must be submitted before 5:00pm the Thursday before tournament.

6. Guest Player forms will be posted on the tournament information site at the National website
under (Event Info & Updates) for all teams to see.

7. Failure to follow any of these rules could result in forfeits or removal from the tournament.

8. The tournament director can decline or approve guest players under special circumstances.

9. These rules apply to all WPA USSSA teams and must be followed for all USSSA tournaments
no matter where you are playing. We will follow other state's rules for their teams.
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